ABEYGA enjoy its first presential meeting! (C1 and M2)

In the last week of September, the first presencial Meeting of the ABEYGA project took place in Perugia, Italy. The reason was the 1st Training Activity (C1) and the 2nd Transnational Meeting (M2).

Under the umbrella of C1, a variety of professionals from art, education and digital world, start a training in order to test the first material to be shared with students with different capacities.

Our hosts, the Italian partners of COAT, offered specific training of different resources focused on digital creation in 2 and 3 dimensions. We learned about color theory and psychology, diferent programs/aplicattions (all free and online) such as Aggie, sketch together, Microssoft 3d Builder, Tinkercad… some programming resources suitable for beginners such as Code.org or Scrath and, finally a litle aproximation to Blender, a 3d vídeo editor.

Additionally, in order to take advantadge of our first ABEYGA meeting, it was held our 2nd translational Meeting (October 1st and 2nd, 2021) chaired by Ioanna Chatzopolou (PDETH). The academic responsible of each partner presented the planification of the first output (IO1). The Train the trainer guidebook, it began to take shape and hopefully resusults wil be published before the end of the year.

Finally, the project coordinator from PDETH (Dimitra Xesfigkouli) gave a project overview, and next steps to be done in the project were discussed by the consortium.
It was a few nice days full of learning and exchanges that surely enriched all the partners and gave a good dose of energy to the ABEYGA project.

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