Digital Game for Young Learners – Description

On the basis of the results obtained in the IO1 Methodological Guidelines, training courses will be structured on the basis of their trainers and trainees profiles. Starting from a common base, three paths will be differentiated according to the needs and contexts of the different figures involved. IO2 will be conducted by qualified personnel who will be trained during the Training Course (C1). Each partner will select among its staff the members for training participation. Following the digital methodologies learned during the C1 the professionals responsible for the training of the target groups will be able to involve the selected participants through a participatory learning. The first Training Activity will be related to the production of artistic material by using high-tech technology, special software and graphic programs, the participants will be trained to create innovative, original and interesting artistic digital products (3D animation and games) in order the art creation to be more comprehensible and accessible to the young people, especially to these with SEND.

You can check the IO2 Document HERE.

Short version HERE.



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