Digital Art Folder – Description

The main goal of this project is to create a digital library that will include the digitized artistic material – work (images, sound, text) of the new beneficiaries of the program, as it will be created in the art workshops that will take place in all partner countries. The digital library will be a website that will present a collection of digital media (image, video and audio) and related software, which will enable the creation, registration, sharing, search and use of information that can be accessed electronically in real time. The information system will provide the ability to store in a database all types of artistic material (image, sound, text and generally digital objects) with easy marking of each work for their subsequent retrieval by interested parties. The ultimate goal of this project is to ensure easy access, achievement of easy distribution and retrieval of information about alternative works of art that will be created by the groups of new beneficiaries of the program. More specifically, the digitization of the works of art that will be created by the groups of young people in the workshops will be sought, as well as the listing of works by important artists that will be used as reference works (for presentation, study and analysis) in the workshops.


You can find the User and Power User Manual HERE.

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